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    So I bought a Pre about a month ago. Loved it until I tried to use it as a phone at my house (work emergency). Got horrible signal at my house and as a result, horrible battery life. I call up retentions, and they say "Oh yah, we have multiple complaints about signal near your address, If we send you an airave for $50 (half off) and wave the monthly fee, can we keep you as a customer?" Sounds good to me, but the airaves are back-ordered 2-3 week, and that will put me well past my 30 day return period on my Pre. "No worries, return your Pre, and when the Airave comes, buy a new Pre."


    Fast forward 2-3 weeks, after calling retentions again to ask where my airave is, and they rep says "I see they are in stock, but yours says backorder, let me cancel that and put a new order in for you. Your airave will show up in 2 days. If they ship you two, just return one."

    Got my airave last Friday, and my new Pre that same day as well. (I missed it soooo much). Everything is great.

    Monday, I get an email saying my Sprint order has shipped. Seems I got a second airave shipped to me. No big deal, she said this might happen. It arrives on Wednesday. Thursday I call up Sprint and take care of some account issues (got charged three activation fees when I bought my new pre) I ask about returning the second airave and get transferred.

    The next rep looks up my order and attempts to request an RMA. "Um... sir, it won't let me put an RMA in on this unit for some reason. Looking at your bill, I see we sent you two airaves, and charged you $100 each, but we also credited you $100 each." I verify that looking at my bill online. "Since I can't put an RMA in on the unit, and you didn't pay anything for it, you should just keep it, and do whatever you want with it. If you activate it, we will charge your account $5 a month for it, but the first one has the recurring credit setup."

    So now I have an extra airave that I'm not sure what to do with. I get good reception at work, and would be beaten if I plugged it into our network. I get good reception every where else I go that I would also have internet access at. So what to do? Sell it? What if whoever I sell it to gets it activated on my account?
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    No one else can activate on YOUR account without being able to VERIFY your account. It's a good worry to have, but that's why they make you setup the 6+ digit PIN -to identify that YOU want to access your account.

    On the other note...I would be VERY interested in working something out with you. They tell me I can't use one because of the 911 issue, but I need one because we have a 3-FOOT area OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE where we can talk -otherwise, within a minute we drop the call...

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