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    So can I just plug the Pre into any USB port to charge it??

    I have a triple port charger in my truck that also has an USB port the specs say its a 1000MA port.

    Here is the view in my truck....

    Think there will be any problems?
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    It shouldn't be. You only need to make sure your car charger itself isn't a faulty one. But seeing one of these, I think I'm inspired to get one. I currently use a electric socket that fits into the cigerette lighter for my Pre charging in the car. But you sir have convinced me to get one of these 4-in-1 things.

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    I like... How much for your treasures gypsy?

    Seriously though that's a sweet little charger setup. It should work just fine as you need the 1000MA to charge the pre sufficently.
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    I also like the fact that the wall mount charger can be used to charge anything that has a usb port like an ipod or anything else compatible.
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    It was less than 20 bucks...
    I broke into my center console and tapped into a power outlet for the back seats.
    Everything is protected by the main fuse.
    Here is a link to the install
    Triple power outlets in center console - Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums

    Next question is can I plug the Touchstone into it
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    You are almost ready to go, with one more thing to check: is your USB port connecting anything to data lines? Some USB chargers leave data lines floating, which prevents Pre (and some other smart devices) from recognizing the charger as valid USB device.
    If you connect powered-up Pre to your car's USB port and it recognizes it, you should be OK since the 1000mA current rating is sufficient.
    If Pre says nothing after connecting it to the port, it means that the port is leaving data lines floating, and you can still try this:
    1. Disconnect Pre from the port.
    2. Power down Pre.
    3. Connect powered down Pre to the port again.
    4. Power Pre up (if it didn't start booting by itself).
    You can live with this workaround, or you can get yourself rigged USB cable that has data lines tied to power line. They are sold under the name of 'charging cables' at Boxwave and other stores. With those cables, any USB port that is strong enough will be charging your Pre.
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    I will check it!

    Since this USB is just a charging port- not a data port then it should be full Power.

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