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    I was intrigued by Derek Kessler's article on A DIY macro lens for your Pre.

    So, I went looking around for what was available out there for cheap commercially avilable lens adapters for my shiny black bar of soap. I found a two lens kit offered by Fotodiox for $13.97 plus $3.00 shipping on ebay.

    The set consists of a pair of lenses: one a 2.0 x telephoto (which gives the rough equivalent of a 100 mm lens for a conventional camera) and a 0.65 x wide angle (roughly equivalent to a 35 mm lens). The lenses have magnetic mounts. The set includes three adhesive steel rings of 1/2" outer diameter. (One of them is shown sitting on top of a penny in the picture, below.) The rings are chromed, so they look good with the concentric stock Pre lens ring. The lenses come with lens covers, so carrying them around is easy in the little box the set come in.

    The pictures that they take are decent. After all, if you are looking to take Ansel Adams quality pictures, you probably should restrict your Pre use to ordering pizzas to eat while you set up your Hasselblad. The magnetic mount makes installing and removing the lenses a snap. One problem that I immediately noticed is that the rings interfere with the flash LED. So, I cut a small notch in the ring before mounting to the Pre. Although this will allow use of the flash for normal pictures, the LED is obscured by the lens mounts, so the flash should be turned off while using these lenses. (Auto mode might cause flare from the flash.)

    I have attached three pictures: wide angle, normal (with just the stock Pre lens), and telephoto. (All of the pictures are unretouched. I simply resized them 50%). There is some vignetting in the corners of the zoom images, but they will crop out nicely.

    This little kit is loads of fun. I have asked them if they could come up with a macro version. At worst one could use one of their mounts and an old optical drive lens.
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