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    I sprang for the Touchstone from PreCentral, and I have to say I love the thing. An unexpected benefit was how much better the phone feels in general with the Touchstone back--much more solid and stable feeling, with no real difference in the form factor except a nicer texture, and the little bit of added weight is welcome, IMHO.

    What is the material on the bottom of the Touchstone itself? That stuff is miraculous. Just place the thing on a smooth surface and it grips like a gecko.

    Finally, thanks to the Brightness Unlinked app, I now have the world's geekiest alarm clock. In addition to giving the time in old-school digital, I can easily lift the Pre from the Touchstone dock for an insomnia-induced urge to surf without worry about a USB cable or blinding myself or my fiancee with a bright screen. But I can put the keyboard on a night-vision-friendly brightness and type away.

    With the Pre sitting on the Touchstone in landscape mode, I can peruse my mail and the news after waking up. All in all, great.
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    glad your happy with it, awesome that you got it from the precentral store, way to support the site!!!!
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    Some people have reported buzzing on the Touchstone.
    Do you hear any of that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevis View Post
    Some people have reported buzzing on the Touchstone.
    Do you hear any of that?
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    No buzzing here either.
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    Got mine today and I echo those sentiments, great feel.
    Now I have to hook up my extra TS in my car.

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