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    Is there anything like a rubber case that is similar to what Blackberry users have for their phones?

    Nothing too sturdy but just something to cover the phone?
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    i haven't seen anything like that yet, but that is because it would interfere with the sliding mechanism. I too really wanted one, but i just got my first snap on case yesterday, and honestly, i really like it. go for a cheapy snap on one from ebay with a rubberized finish, i think you will like it more than you think you will.
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    As of right now, all of them are crap to be honest. They don't stay on very well at all. I had one and every time I took it out of my pocket the case would come off the phone. I am holding out until OtterBox makes one. They are pretty much my last hope at a well crafted rubber case for the Pre.

    Right now I have the hard case that you can get from Sprint directly. I don't know the exact name of it, but it is item # ZCP1098R on their site. It is a little pricey, but it is a great case. Reason being, it doesn't snap on the phone per say, but hooks together on a slider type mechanism. It is a little bulky, but you get used to it. Plus it eliminates any Oreo Effect you may have. It's definitely the best out so far in my opinion.
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    any pics please thinking bout getting one thanxs.........
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    Ordered one one ebay today as well as a screen potector, will see if its any good in a week or so..
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    Yes I think other than Ebay will sell them as well. Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly Case - Jet Black For Palm - Palm Pre - Cases -

    Looks like it says its outta stock. The nice thing is even if they dont have them in there is a youtube video that reviews it. I mean it will tell you its the best ever but it gives you a closer look at the case.

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