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    I was at bestbuy today and seen this. Its like touchstone. Im thinking it would work with a pre and a touchstone back. I dont see a use for it though unless your whole family wants to put their phones together somewhere to charge.
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    it says receivers required, I'm sure they'll have their own back or whatever to use on it, just to make a few more bucks
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    yea i seen it in the store. They have backs for iphone and stuff. What i am saying is it will prob work with the pre touchstone back though.
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    Not enough amps, it would probably charge, but slower than it should.
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    Powermats are conductive not inductive like the Touchstone. It will not work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Powermats are conductive not inductive like the Touchstone. It will not work.
    Actually both are inductive chargers.

    You can easily find information about this on google. I am unable to post links but googling touchstone induction then powermat induction you'll easily find many trusted sites with the available information.

    Considering that they are both inductive chargers, it would be interesting to find out if the Palm Pre's touchstone back would work with the Powermat and if it's quicker or slower than the touchstone. Anyone been able to test this?
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    I wouldn't risk it... if the inductors are not matched or the powermat uses a significantly different value of inductor than the Touchstone base, you could fry something... think "step-up" transformer.
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    Safe your self the trouble and get the touchstone! Its the same idea but its made by Palm. do you dont need to worry abuot damaging your handset.
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    I think I'm going to get a touchstone lol
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    The company is saying this WILL charge the Pre. It has a dropdown list for you to chose your phone and the PRE AND TOUCHSTONE are both listed.


    Last time I checked we don't need to CHARGE the touchstone....
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    But I don't want to plug stuff into my phone....hence the reason for the touchstone! On top of plugging in the mat, you have to plug their "tips" into your device......this is NOT a product worth $99.00 PLUS $30.00 for "tips".

    Ummm....If I wanted to plug my phone in....I would...ummm.....PLUG MY PHONE IN!!!
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    So, according to the site you should be able to plug a touchstone into the universal adapter and then use the powermat to power the touchstone which powers your Pre. A perfect solution for all those Pre owning Rube Goldberg fans out there.
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    Either way...Its $99...WAY to much...
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    the powermat site lists the pre and the touchstone but that is probably using the powercube connected via micro usb, which would be almost pointless.
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    I know this is an old thread, but to answer the original question...

    We just bought a Powermat, it works just as advertised. It does not connect with the our pre+ (VZW) with the Touchstone back installed. It appears as though there is a RFID chip in thier 'receivers' that actually turns the individual power spots on. If I get my hands on a spare receiver, I'll take it apart and try to put it into the TS back and see what happens.


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