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    I am sure this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find it. Is the Touchstone back cover needed or will the one that comes with the phone also work? I'd prefer not taking my phone apart if it wasn't necessary.

    Great forum, by the way.
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    If you buy a Touchstone, you will need the touchstone battery cover/back plate. The touchstone battery cover/back plate is made of metal and also has an integrated coil in which the touchstone's magnetic field induces a current to charge the Pre. The standard pre battery cover is plastic...and has no such coil.

    You can get the cover separately or as part of a kit with a Touchstone.

    Replacing the back cover is a breeze. It doesn't involve tools...other than your fingernail.
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    Gracias, Scuba Steve!
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    My touchstone back cover appears to be mostly plastic (and thus transparent to whatever EM business the touchstone uses) except for the actual touchstone hardware area that lets it magnetically attach to the touchstone dock. The original Pre cover appears to me be some type of metal.
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    They're both plastic. The Pre is mostly plastic.
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    You know, I just pulled mine off to check...and darn it, you are right. The touchstone back plate is plastic...with metal components on the inside....also hidden under more plastic.
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    Gracias, Scuba Steve!
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