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    I woke up this morning and cat had chewed completely chewed through the wires on my bluetooth headset? Any ideas for a cheap replacement (for the headset, not the pet)?

    I had reported the headset for warranty issues earlier but am not sure now it will be honored and could use a cheap spare, in any case.

    Thanks in advance
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    motorola h700 or h710
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    thanks, looked up one of the motorolas you recommended on amazon and is priced Ok at $28 and has decent reviews. I was using the backbeat 903 which i liked for the stereo effect as i mostly use to listen to music when i work out and only sometimes use for calls. The backbeat has a wire which connects the left earpiece to the right earpiece.
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    jabra bt620's look good. I'm still using my jabra bt200, it just won't die
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    Get rid of cat.
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    I would replace the headset with this:

    It's cheaper, and the cat will like it just as much as it did your headset!
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    I use Jabra BT530. For the price you can't beat it.

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