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    There have been some threads for this item, but I didn't think they completely covered the obvious questions most will have about this product given the limited info on case-mates website.

    1. The item DOES cover the screen with a touch-thru membrane (like a screen protector).

    2. You CAN slide the pre open and close with the case-mate on.

    I have had my case-mate for about a week, and overall it's OK - the palm seems to be extremely scratch resistant, but of course the downside of scratching it is greater than scratching an accessory. At the same time as light and thin as the casemate is, it still makes the pre clunky, add's crevices to collect dirt/lint etc..

    The casemate snaps on with very small tabbed areas - they stay on fine, but sometimes feel a little loose or flexible. It definitely makes the phone feel larger in your pocket.

    When you are charging the phone, it's difficult to slide the pre open because of the plug that covers the charging port interfering with the slide.

    Hope this is helpful
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    Can you post some pics of yours? Thanks!
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    Yeah a picture of the "screen Protector" would be cool! Just interested in seeing what it looks like. On their web site you cant see to much sadly .

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