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    I'm still using my Treo... wondering if Palm has made the BT reliable on the Pre? On the Treo, if I am synced/connected with anything and turn off the BT, then to for BT to work again I have to remove the Treo battery. This is true for four different brands of headsets, so I know it's the Treo. Is this a Pre issue as well?

    Also, I don't know if this is a Plantronics (my current headset) issue or a Treo issue, but it is 100% unpredictable as to what the BT headset will do when the phone rings... sometimes it is "live", sometimes not. If it is not "live", there is up to a 12 second delay in getting it there. (And there is no correlation with the time since the last call.) Sometimes it takes one button press to answer the call, and sometimes it takes two. (And if I always press it twice then I hang up on someone half the time.)

    I don't care about music headphones or in-car stuff, just typical mainstream phone headsets.

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    I have a Plantronics Voyager 510 and it works great with the Pre. As soon as I enable bluetooth, it connects automatically.
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    Thanks. That's the same one I have. My Treo is on its last leg and I've been thinking of a Pre since its intro... just wanted to make sure the BT bugs were fixed.
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    Works like a charm. I even used the 510 with the Pre and my work phone which was an AT&T Samsung phone and it worked just fine between both of them simultaneously (one at a time, but transferring from one to the other).
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