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    I've gone through all the steps to install 2 different apps and they appear to have installed based on the WebOSQuickInstal dialogs etc. Even when I go to device management on OSQuickInstall it shows the apps as being on the device- but they don't appear in the launcher. What am I doing wrong?
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    You would get better response to your question in the Homebrew Apps forum. This thread is not only very old, but not severely off topic.

    Anyway.. Not too crazy about turtles. How about aardvarks? They're nice, and they eat ants. That's a good thing, right?

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    i downloaded everything that is required for the WebOS to change themes and apps and all that good stuff. but for some reason when i go to theme under tools to add a different theme im not allowed to choose from the downloaded ones.

    any help would be appreciated.
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    am i the only one who computer did not download that novacomd thing. it just downloaded the web doctor thing. i don't know what im doing i follow the directions but it didn't download it and then i thought hey maybe its there or something but its not because it won't download the preware it says it can't find the device. then i download the thing when it says new found hardrive and i saw novacom but that didnt work. i tried redownloading webos n the doctor thing many times and no luck. any help or advice here
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    Way off topic!!! I do like turtles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoove09 View Post
    Way off topic!!! I do like turtles.
    Did you not know? This is the official "What the ****???" thread. It never dies... Read it from the beginning, it's kinda entertaining how random it is lol.

    No one knows why random people feel the need to post their unrelated problems here... It just kinda happens.
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    This thread never ceases to amaze me...

    To answer your question, Preware is in either the WebOs Internals (Pre) or WebOs Internals (Pixi) feed. Package Manager Service is now included in the Preware install.
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