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    I have my blueant q1 bluetooth device paired to my Palm PRE. When i make an outgoing call, the Q1 is automatically connected. When I receive an incoming call, the bluetooth is not automatically connected. I have to touch the "audio" button on the Palm PRE and toggle from phone to bluetooth.

    Does anyone else have this type of issue with their bluetooth device? Not sure if this is Palm's issue or my Q1.

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    1st question. Do you have the updated PRE firmware for the q1?

    If not, I'd suggest you do that first thing, try again and see if you still have issues.
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    I do have the updated Pre firmware on the Q1. That has greatly helped battery life. I just reset the Q1 and repaired with the PRE, but still have the same issue.
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    When you are answering your phone, do you press the q1 button or answer on the phone itself?
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    I push the phone button.
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    That happens on several of my headsets that I've tested with. If I answer using the phone, it seems to assume I want to use the phone to listen, if I answer with the headset, I hear thru the headset. Not sure if this is by design or not. try turning off the announce stuff on the Q1 and set it to use the button to answer and see how it works. Funny thing is, in addition to this, IF I have the headset in my ear, I hear it ring in the headset AND the phone at the same time.

    I wonder if this is by design.
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    thanks for the info. I'll try pushing the bluetooth button in the future.
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    Where ever you answer the call, that's where audio goes

    If you answer the call on the phone, audio is on the phone. If you answer on the headset/car kit, audio is on the headset/car kit. No guessing where the audio is.

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