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    Does anybody know what the voltage coming out of the touchstone cover when its on the touchstone? I'm trying to see if there's something wrong with my touchstone or my pre.
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    5 volts at 1.0 amp
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    It's a 5 VDC input to the Touchstone. Not exactly sure what your question is. What are you measuring?
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    I'm measuring the two pins that come off the battery cover and connect to the pre.
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    When I was installing the touchstone in my truck, I took the cover off and tested the cover with a multimeter. When it charged perfectly, it showed 5.45 volts off the two pins. anything lower than that caused the on off problem.

    But like dave said, I was inputting 5 VDC to it. 5.45 came back in the car and through the home plug.

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