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    when i leave my phone on the touchstone over night the signal goes to roaming and it stops charging

    whats up with my phone?
    or the touchstone?
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    Try turning on Airplane mode and see if that cures the issue. If so, then its a software issue relating to your radio, which hangs up the rest of the OS and prevents it from charging.

    Also, try charging it with the USB cable overnight and see what happens.
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    well the phone charges fine with the usb cable.
    but it makes no sense to have the touchstone and not use it. .
    anyways ill try leaving it on airplane mode

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    yeah I had the same problem, it was the touchstone, i am returning it today...

    no point of having it if you have to work around to make it work
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    i bought the touchstone from the precentral accessory store can i just return it at a sprint store or do i have to mail it back to precentral or what do i do?
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    i am sending mines back in.

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