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    Okay so I need help, I seem to be having an issue with both of these holsters.

    the Palm Leather pouch the ribbon seemed to scratch the center of my screen, and the Seidio Spring Clip scratched the top of my Pre. Anyone else experience these issues. I've had my Spring clip for over a month and a half.
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    I have the Seidio Innocase Holster which has the spring clip. The clip broke within 2 weeks, based on reading some posts I don't think I'm alone. I am very disappointed that the clip on the holster broke after such a short time.
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    I have had both and share similar issues.. i have a scratch more on the top of the screen , not noticable but annoying because i know its there., i found a random solution at a truck stop driving to the city.. i saw a Cube side case generic phone holder sitting there in all its cheap glory.. so as any frustrated phone case holder victim i bought it.. not a single scratch looks a little 60/70's awesome with its leathery finish and kung foo grip clip.. im not a fan of the soft leather interior from some products because dust and dirt make its way into the blessed hide and then the "key" effect takes place and your shiny new phone is still shiny but this time from the amazing glare coming from the huge scratch...
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    Yea the Spring clip scratch is minor so far but it still bothers me. The palm case on the other hand left a blotch in the center of my screen which did not make me very happy.

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