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    I'm looking for a wall pocket for my Pre. I usually charge up my phone before going to bed. I need something that sticks on my wall near my bed that can hold the Pre. I'm usually up till 2 a.m. and sleep late. So I have a few friends that still call me before noon and text. It does not have to be a Pre item. Just something I can stick on the wall by my bed or on my wall unit.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    get a vertical / horizontal belt holder case or slip case and stick / glue / staple it to your wall...
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    Why not get one of the stand up charging stands and just screw/stick to the wall.
    There is one in the store here that will charge a spare battery and is only 25.00. not much more then a case.
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    Adhesive backed velcro!
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    How about a shelf? They make even small square/blocks that are shelves these days. I don't know what your decor is, but you should be able to find or make something that works.
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    A Touchstone should stick to your wall, depending on the paint/texture.
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    Thanks for the links. I didn't know these products existed.
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    If you don't go with one of those products, you could also probably find something at Office Max/OfficeDepot/Staples, etc. In the desk/cubicle supply section. There are lots of wall pockets to hold mail, etc, even small ones that hold business cards or pen/pencil cups that go on the all. I'd think any of those would work, too, but they wouldn't have the hole for the cord. I like the Socket Pocket.

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