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    I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with the snap-on style hardcases used in conjunction with a Invisible Shield without having to cut or mod the shield. I know you can get the Innocase on there, but you have to cut the sides off the shield. Since my shield is already installed, that doesn't seem like it would be very viable or me to do.

    I appreciate the help in advance.
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    Good question. I was thinking of getting the Body Glove and having a shield on the screen to. Wondering what other people have done with similar combos.
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    I like the Invisible Shield, and paid to put it on, so I'd rather not mess with it. I haven't seen anyone with the Body Glove say whether it worked or not, just the Innocase. Would be great if it did work stock with the Body Glove. If you take the plunge, let me know
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    My issue is finding what is the best Invisible shield to use (I've seen at least two varieties) along with finding one that does both front and back. Looking on ebay for some cheap prices to test it out first. I should have something tested by next week.
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    The Sprint store hard case will work. As the case doesnt connect to the phone. Check it out! Its not the best looking thing but it will protect your phone!
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    Heres a link to Ebay...

    Sprint Palm Pre OEM Original Snap on Phone Covers - eBay (item 230376359271 end time Oct-10-09 09:18:54 PDT)

    Buy it there its cheaper. At Sprint its like $30. Ebay it for $15. Its worth $15. I do have one! I love it!
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    The Sprint hard case works fantastic. It does add considerable bulk to the phone, but for some reason it seems to have less of an impact on typing on the top row than the Rocketfish Best Buy case I had tried before.

    The only real downside is that it is tough to get the USB flap open, but I found if I leave mine not quite snapped in all the way it's easy to get out.

    It works great with the IS and I would heartily recommend it. Thanks for the help!

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