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    Hey Guys,

    So before I had the Pre, I had a Samsung M520, crappy cheap slider. But when I paired my old phone with my 2006 Maxima, my car automatically spoke the name of the person who was calling me. The Pre only seems to get the car to play a ring tone.

    I thought after they added more bluetooth profiles in 1.2, this would be fixed, but I'm still not having any luck. The only profiles my old phone had that my new one does have are DUN, FTP, and BPP. As far as I can tell, those should have nothing to do with the car being able to speak the callers name.

    I tried pushing my contacts manually since the 1.2 update, but it just says that the car needs to support OPP. So I'm lost. I dont understand how with the exact same profiles, I cant get the car to speak incoming callers from the Pre. Was it just an internal phone feature, so the PHONE spoke the name THROUGH the car, as opposed to the car speaking the name itself?

    Any help woudl be appreciated guys...
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    I think it was probably your phone. From a CNET review of the Samsung M520:

    "The SPH-M520 also offers audible caller ID that will route through to a Bluetooth headset. "

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