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    I was a googling, a googlin I did go, for a pre-battery replacment that was cheaper than my own.

    here is what i found

    Premium Quality 1200mAh Replacement Battery for Palm Pre - PDAB093 -

    pretty darn cheap, never heard of fosmon (anyone have experiance?)

    anyway for a 1200mAh battery, at 12 bucks, (15 shipped) I am tempted. really the only thing holding me back is fear of blowing myself up.
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    Hey go ahead and let me know how it turns out if your still around. but I suspect 3 things of happening here.

    1) It actually says what it's suppose to and give you more of a charge. YAY!!!

    2) It's just a rebadged normal battery

    3) It blows up your pre

    But either way man I would love to pick it up for 12 bux, specially if it's a longer lasting battery definately (sp?) on it. thanks bud
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    Any news about this battery? I've seen similar if not the same from amazon, ebay etc. The price is very reasonable but is it any good?
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    If all you're afraid of is blowing yourself up you'll be fine. I've bought many cheap replacement batteries for many devices. In my experience they don't have the capacity (the claimed spec is drivel) of OEM but they'll get you by in a pinch. Having one available when you travel can come in handy.

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