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    Has anybody used the Jabra Halo with the Pre yet? Supposedly, unlike the iPhone, it works great with the Pre. The iPhone doesn't support the AVRCP profile, where as I read the Pre does. That enables you to play/pause and skip tracks straight from the headset. That's what CNET says.

    I'm opposed to Bluetooth for headsets, hate the whole in-the-ear thing. Always prefer to use wired headsets. But this, I might have to pick up.
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    I just purchased a Jabra Halo, and was only able to pair it with the Pre in Phone mode. It would pair briefly in audio (presuming A2DP) but then just pair for phone use.

    I was able to pair it in audio/headset mode with my laptop.

    The headset is pretty nice, with awesome sound, but not being able to pair in audio mode is a deal breaker. Has anyone been able to pair the Jabra Halo completely with the Pre, for both phone and audio use?
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    I'll try it at work today to see if I can pair it up and I'll let you know tonight (if no one else does).
    Go Blue!

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