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    I have the Monster Beats by Dre headphones (Beats by Dr. Dre Official Site)

    I want to use these as bluetooth headphones with my Pre. Is there any sort of adapter I can put on these so I can make them Bluetooth capable?

    I suppose I am looking for a device that will plug into the headphones rather than a headphone cord and just receive the signal form the Pre via bluetooth and play the sounds through the headphones.

    These headphones would be perfect because they have a detachable cord and I could easily plug in the receiver if such a thing exists. Does anyone know of a product that will do this?
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    Get headphones that aren't overpriced and over hyped? Those things are terrible.

    But seriously, I found this but I think pretty much anything you find it going to look pretty funny sticking off the side of your headphones. You're probably better off picking up some Motorola S9's or something. Not really sure what's out there as far as bluetooth headphones these days.

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