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    I got my Seidio 2600 last week and I followed the directions with the first charge of 8+ hours charge and have used it and charged it an additional 8 times (estimate). I have noticed that by battery will last about 10 hours of moderate use (some web browsing, using a few apps through out the day, about 15 calls, checking email) which is an improvement from the stock battery. Does this seem about right? What kind of length do you guys get out of yours? I've read some posts that some people were getting up to 2 days of use out of one charge, mine is no where near that.
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    well, mine lasts alot longer than that. i work 12 hour shift and i text, make calls, surf the web and utube non stop. i take it off the charger at 5am and its at bout 15 to 20 percent when i put it back on around 9pm. n btw, ive had it for 3 weeks.
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    It depends how much I use it. I get an average use of it and I usually end the day with 60% (some texting, browsing, music, etc...). Using pandora for 8 hours causes me to go down to 40%-ish.

    However, when I was stuck in an airport for 7 hours, I did heavy music and heavy browsing combined with a 30 minute phone call, and I got home with 28% battery remaining (which I'm happy with).

    And if I don't use my phone most of the day, except for light texts and such, I can usually end the day at 80%.

    Depending on how long your phone calls last, your battery life sounds about right for the Siedio battery.

    All my times are in 5 bar EVDO areas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KallDrexx View Post
    It depends how much I use it.
    Ditto. I have drained the battery in 5 hours (heavy downloading via tethering) or with more reasonable usage I can get 2 days before the battery will die on me

    For an experiment, I started Pandora streaming over EVDO and the battery battery monitor app before I went to sleep. I kept Pandora streaming during work the next day and the phone died after around 12 hours. Keep in mind I was doing other stuff on the phone during this time too so you may be able to squeeze out more life then I did.

    I am kind of torn on the added thickness. The phone is easier to hold and type on but the added bulkiness means no pouch for protection. I always use the pouch that came with the Pre when it is in my pocket and I will need to pick something up to protect it if I am using the extended battery.

    I've got three touchstones (home, work and car) so I use the standard battery for day-to-day use. For occasions where I won't have access to a charger for at least 8 hours, I use the extended battery. Best of both worlds, but admittedly a pricey solution.

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