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    Is the charger even worth the money? I mean dont get me wrong it looks really cool but the price seems pretty steep for something you can charge on the computer or on your wall jack. Now the other question i had is if it would be wise to invest in a 2nd battery since I do go online alot and it does drain battery life.
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    If it's the Touchstone your talking about it's worth it's weight in Gold in my opinion. I even got a second one for my Car.

    Now I do have a second battery I haven't had to use yet and a Booster charger again haven't had to use yet . But i would like to get one of the cases that charge like I had with my Instinct for wen I hit the Amusement parks next year . I seem to use my Phone a lot while waiting in line lol.
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    The touchstone is fast to use. Just set it down and go. And you never know the day may come when your USB connection on the phone is not working for some reason. As far as a second battery, I have two extra with a will charger for them. At the very least you might consider one of the larger batteries that are sold at the pre store linked on the first page of this forum. And lastly. If you do not have one don't go on ebay to save 5 bucks just go to the sprint store and get the Sprint brand car charger. Their unit works right and delivers a good amperage so the phone charges quickly.

    The fastest charging (fastest to slowest) is done with direct Palm A/C charger with USB cord, Sprint/Palm car charger, Touchstone and lastly the slowest is USB by computer.
    I almost forgot. Welcome to the PreCentral Forum.
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    Here is something I noticed yesterday. I was streaming music from Net2Streams to my surround via bluetooth with my Pre on touchstone. To my surprise, the battery indicator showed that unit actually was discharging, battery level dropping from 100 to 70 in about 1 hour. So, I plugged my phone in directly and everything went back to normal. I guess, Touchstone doesn't provide enough power for the unit to do so much work. but it's good for charging and using the speaker phone at the same time..

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