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    Not a Pre specific option, but with all the talk of battery life on these things, I thought I'd chime in with an option for those that might be interested. Brunton's line of power packs and solar charges is fairly well regarded so far, and build quality is designed for camping.

    Bruton's portable power options

    Some of the smaller options they offer:

    Probably the coolest thing I've seen for this type of stuff:
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    I got one of these JuiceBar chargers:

    Juicebar Multi-Device Pocket Solar Charger

    I found it on sale for about 30 bucks. It actually works very well and for the price not bad. It's very small and I leave it on my dash when I park my car at work. Even in relatively dim light you can see it's charging. I also like that you can charge it from your USB port and it will store the charge. It has adapters for all sorts of stuff too including the Pre.

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    I use the Callpod Fueltank, keeps me topped off all day.

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