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    I have a dumb question about the TouchStone. I just purchased a Touchstone from this site. I plan on using it to charge my phone at night. Can you turn the display off by pressing the power button or does the light stay constantly stay on when plugged in? I noticed that the display was constantly on while charging at the sprint store? Sorry about my stupidity, but hey its Friday.
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    Unfortunately it stays on in night lite mode....I do not think there is a way around this.....
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    Isn't that stupid?? Any Homebrew Apps to turn it off?
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    Nopers...don't believe so
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    I put it under my bed. I can still hear the alarm, but I don't have my night light on.
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    Not sure about cause and effect; however I had run a lot of scripts and decided to use webosDR to restore my phone to it's original settings. Since then (2 days ago) my Pre no longer turns back on when I put it on my touchstone, and if I select turn off while it's charging on the TS it does turn off instead of restarting like it used to.

    Again - I don't know if webosDR had anything to do with this, but I noticed this happening after I used it. Since then the only thing I've used is webos quickinstall for preware/some tweaks and did the carrier line change, nothing else.

    I don't know what did it - but I am very happy now.

    EDIT: I just realized that if my Pre battery is already at 100% and I put it on the TS it will not turn on and it will allow for turn off while on the TS provided battery is at 100% - anything less than 100% and it turns on.
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    Brightness Unlinked of the homebrew section is working on this - the 0.2 version doesn't work well for that, but the 0.1.2 version works (usually - may have to try it a few times for it to stay off). zinge, the code developer, has a link out there to the 0.1.2 ipk file.

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