I bought a car charger from the Palm Store recently (yes more expensive than through other channels, but for Canadians Palm's included duty/border fee makes it cheaper overall).

Upon receipt, the box was partly open, and I noticed that the little rubber cable organizer was missing. Minor thing, but I like the idea of it.

I called the Palm store, asking if they could just mail me that little piece seperately. What's the cost of that? Postage + 1 cent for the item?

I was told that they couldn't do that, and instead they would courier me a prepaid shipping label. I would then take that label and return my entire car charger to them, and await a new car charger to be shipped back to me. Geez, that sounds expensive for them, and I have to go without the charger for X days.

I told the rep that I'd "think about it", but called back in (pretty angry) about 5 mins later and told the next person that this idea was crazy.

The next person immediately said they'd send me another whole car charger kit right away. They send it Purolator rush.

Talk about going from one extreme to another, but overall that's pretty amazing customer service.