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    Anyone have decorative skins (i.e istyles/decalgirl) on their Pre's? I have had one on all my other devices (Touch, BB, Kindle), but I'm wary about the Pre for some reason.
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    The wife uses the decalgirl ones on her ipod. They don't leave any residue. She dropped her old ipod on the treadmill at the gym while it was running & the screen protector part saved the screen. The belt on the treadmill carried the Ipod down to where the belt reenters the treadmill & got caught there. So there was some sand belt action on the screen & front of the Ipod. The screen protector got tore up but the screen was protected.

    I was planning on getting one of their skins for my Pre.
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    I got one. I order from Istyles 'cuz they have a 10% return customer discount. I also ordered a set of the Seidio touchscreen covers, & surprisingly the skin doesn't look bad over the screen, and they cover a lot more of the face of the phone than just the cover. It doesn't cover the sides though, so I keep it in the Innocase & it still works on the Touchstone.
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    I have a skin on my Pre and it works awesome at protecting it. I havent had any problems with application, charging or the use of the phone.
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    skinit has pre skins and i got a discount code for 50% off from sprint it you need it

    "sprintnascar09" was working with every phone including laptop skins
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    ^ Not valid anymore....

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