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    Click on the above link then click on the link that says "Sprint premier customers are eligible to for additional referral bonus offer"
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    What link?
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    Cool, I just referred someone...I will see if I get the headset as well, I am a premier customer
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    wow thanks I wanted to refer another sprint customer who had told me about the pre
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    I love free stuff!
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    I think the offers will get better....
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    after my friend called sprint to give the necessary information to receive this offer, i spoke with a sprint rep online and she said she wasn't aware of this offer. i sent her the link that detailed the offer and she had suggested that i call accounts services just to confirm that i'll receive the headset. so i called the number she gave me and the rep i spoke with also had no idea what i was talking about. she called several different departments and none of them were aware of the offer either . sooo..... long story short, after being on the phone with them for a long while and emphasizing the fact that the promotional offer is on their website, they said my friend and i should be receiving our headsets 6-8 weeks after we receive our gift cards.

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