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    Does anybody's case not fit snug? It seems that the top part sticks out of the side about the thickness of the case on the right side so that its not flush.
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    Mine does a tad bit on right above usb cover. Barely noticeable though...
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    Same here. I got the newer build which has a longer bottom right tab, how about you guys?

    Waiting for reviews on the Amzer rubber case at this point, but just wanted to note that Seidio is good about listening to customer concerns and providing replacements, although this issue may be too minor.
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    yeah both above and below my usb that stick out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rem_kujawa View Post
    yeah both above and below my usb that stick out.
    If you're responding to me, I meant the small tabs that hook on to the back of the phone, the lower right of which is slightly longer than the others
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    Nope all my of my tabs are the same.
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    My first one stuck out a bit above the mini USB port and would click when I depressed it...emailed Seidio right away and they sent me a new one right away no problems asked. Talk about terrific customer service!

    I kind of wished I had ordered the blue one though...the gray one looks kind of drab to my liking.
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    I just have the black one, mine makes a creaking noise when holding at the bottom. I sent them an Email just now.

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