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    You can buy the touchstone with the back for $50,
    and a second base only for $40. Or, you can just by
    the 'dual location' set for $110. Hmmmmm.......

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    haha the math just dont work. But its because you need a separate ac adapter and micro usb to go along with the one that came with your phone since you will be using 2 touchstones. See my review to clear up those details.

    Palm Pre Touchstone Charger Kit Review and HOW TO OBTAIN A FREE PALM AC ADAPTER AND MICRO-USB | L337Tech
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    To answer a little more directly, the dual location set also comes with a spare AC adapter and cable, while buying the touchstone starter set and a spare base leaves you still needing a way to power your spare base.
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    I dont think its that odd.

    $50 for touchstone + back
    $40 for touchstone
    $110 for 2 touchstones + back + ac adapter + USB

    So are you mad its like $20 for the AC adapter and USB?

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