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    just wondering if this would work... I like the Seidio Back and I want the 2800Mah of the Amzer batter.. would it fit?? Just wondering is anyone has tried it??
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    I would guess that it would work.

    I would measure the thickness of both your Amzer Battery and the back door.

    We could then compare them against the Seidio. I think they will be the same, just like the 1400 fits in the standard size of the 1150.

    If you wanted to trade, I recall seeing someone who has the Seidio and was interested in the piano finish of the Amzer. You might ask about a trade. His username is mamouton. I did read a post that looked like he might be interested.

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    I just purchased the Seidio 2600 and Ill try that out.. and Im not sure if the extra 200mAh Amzer is worth the extra cash.. but it still would be good to know..
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    update please ? im curious about this as well
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    I didn't buy the AMzer battery yet.. but the Seidio battery is a monster on battery life.. and I use it all day and usually have 72%-80% at 10pm (I start my day at 6am)

    so needles to say I may not buy the Amzer to test it with.. unless I find a friend with one to try it in the seidio backing...
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    Wow. Sure wish I was getting that from my 2600. Mine's now at 0% by mid-day after starting with a 100% charge at 6:30AM. Believe Seidio is dealing with it for me so that's much appreciated but if you're getting that kind of use from your 2600, I'd stick with it! I've gotten a Mugen 3800 that lasts me all day and overnight (if necessary) but it's a LOT bigger than the Seidio or Amzer 2800.
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    Bump. I'm not big on the aesthetics of my Seidio cover. What are people's impressions of Amzer's back? Does it keep with the original lines of the Pre pretty well?

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