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    Quote Originally Posted by twentythreemx View Post
    I got mine in the mail today.

    My honest opinion - stick with a hard case. I wouldn't buy it.

    i wouldnt buy **** from them. hire someone that speaks english and send people **** that 100% works as described. plain and simple. and its not like im being picky or just dont like it, it does not snap on.

    wont be back to to buy anything. im sure plenty of people have bought from them and had success, but this was my first and last time. ****ty costomer service if you ask me. he tried telling me "we have sold tons of these and had no problems, we did not ship you a bad product".. oh.. i must be too stupid to snap on a case then!!!!!!
    Wow; sorry about your bad experience, but thanks for keeping some of us from going through the same hassle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PookiePrancer View Post
    It "feels" cheap as in the texture of the materials? Or it doesn't feel durable (and if not, how has yours held up)? Wondering because I've been reading instances of Innocase tabs just breaking off.
    Feels cheap and doesn't seem to be to durable. It's extremely thin plastic. The silicon rubber feels to be ok but it's only on about 50% on the back cover. I can't really tell you much more as it was only on my Pre for about 20 minutes!
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    I emailed them after I called them, telling them that the only reason I got the case was from this website and seeing it here. So I gave them a link so that they can check in on the status of me b***ing haha...

    They now emailed me a return shipping label and said they will send out a replacement as soon as they get it.

    I guess thats better than nothing, and I can just drop it in the mailbox. Will suck waiting 2 weeks.

    I will post up when I get the new one on my thoughts. IF this one would have cliipped on it would have been OK, the silicon is pretty loose but I could have lived with that.. well see how the next one is. They claim to have sold over 1000 of these and Ii'm the first with a problem.

    Either they are lieing or I just have really bad luck
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    Yeah sorry to hear about you guys having a bad case. I for one didnt buy it. I guess this is a warning to others not to buy or or deal with Fommy. I will stick with my new Sprint made hardcase. I love it! I just thought this one looked interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dswissmiss View Post
    According to the video it works with TS. Nice find, will keep an eye on it!

    Watched video several times, I dont hear anything about the TS. Also does not show the Pre on a TS with the case. If really chromium, I would think that it could interere with the TS (although when she taps it on the video sounds pretty plastic)

    On a separate issue, the shot cuts-away when putting on the back cover. I wonder about that. Perhaps it is really hard to get the back cover on and they didnt show that.
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