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    So I've had my Pre for a month or so and I lost the little pouch that came with it. I wondered if anybody here in the accessory forum might be using some new fancy case and no longer in need of your original pouch from Palm...

    If you are not using yours and would like to send it to me out of the goodness of your heart, I'd be happy to give it a good home. I'd even be willing to PayPal you a couple of bucks for your trouble/postage.

    Anybody feeling generous? Send me a PM and I'll send you my mailing address.
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    If i can find mine I will definitely help you. At the cost of $1 =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by guerillatwang View Post
    If i can find mine I will definitely help you. At the cost of $1 =D
    Sounds great. Let me know if you're able to locate it.
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    If there's no luck finding it, I'm willing to part with mine. I don't need it so it might as well find some use.
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    I've got an extra one. I did a 30-day exchange and got a 2nd set of the included accessories.
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    This is starting to become a buyer's market.
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    It certainly is.. Thanks guys.

    guerillatwang, any luck finding yours or should I move on to one of the other folks who responded?

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