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    I just ordered mine today. Shipping is one cent less than the cost of merch. Even if only the car charger works, it's still a good price. Just thought I would share! Palm Pre Accessory Bundle Kit: Screen Protector + Black Clip On Case + Car Charger: Cell Phones & Service
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    I just bought a case an hour ago.

    Drat. Let us know how it works. I might pick it up for the charger and screensaver.

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    Be careful of the car charger. They are not created equal. I had to go a bunch of them until I finally found one that would actually charge the phone while it was working. Also, some of them would work but they made the phone really hot.
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    Anyone else tried out the charger included in this? I really need all 3 of the items in that pack, and am very strapped for cash.
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    I would be careful. What can you expect for $2??

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