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    I'm looking for a car stereo with BT so I can stream to it, but I do NOT want some super stereo system.

    Other than the lack of BT, I'm 100% satisfied with my toyota factory stereo. It has AM/FM radio, and a single CD player. Nothing more.

    All I want to do is stream BT audio from my pre, and I don't want a disc changer head unit, and I don't want a display with 642 glowing moving flashing LED lights with dancing girls.

    I'd just get a radio transmitter, but that sort of defeats the purpose of mounting a touchstone and hiding the cable.

    I just want a stereo.

    Any recommendations?
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    I really like the Sony MEXBT2600. It's a basic head unit with a single CD, front panel aux input, BT, rear amp/sub connections, and actually pretty good sound. I happen to have a gently used unit I would be willing to sell. I sold the car I had it in and pulled it, it doesn't fit my new car.
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    I recommend a Pioneer DEH-P6100BT or DEH-P7100BT. Both of these in dash car radios have Bluetooth built in. No extra boxes to install. Bluetooth is excellent. Both hands free and A2DP audio. They both play MP3, and WMA's from a CD. I know you want simple, but these two offer some other very useful options. You can plug in a USB thumb drive with music too if you want. These are both mid range in dash AM/FM CD players. I-pod control is built in, if you care about i-pod control. You can add satellite radio too. XM or Sirius, or both.
    Pioneer's site, it very useful for research.

    I hope that helps.
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    So far I'm leaning towards the Sony, as much as I hate Sony.

    I don't want a stereo with USB thumb drive support and ipod control.

    In fact, I specifically want a stereo that does not have those things. If I could somehow add BT to my factory stereo without having anything in front of the dash, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
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    If you're happy with your current headset and just want BT streaming, then maybe you checkout the balckberry bt streaming gateway product:
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    I have the Pioneer DEH-P7100BT and it's a great receiver.
    BT works excellent.
    Streams BT music.
    Streams Pandora radio and more.

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