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    Hopefully someone has an answer for this. Every so often I notice that the bluetooth on my phone is turned off. I didn't do it though. I think I know why but I am not sure. Every so often when I leave for work in the morning my phone will be roaming and I like to use Pandora in the car. I can drive half a mile in a good coverage zone and my phone will still say it's roaming. My quick fix for this is to turn on Airplane mode and then turn the phone back on. This gets me back on EVDO and allows me to listen to Pandora. However, the bluetooth will now be turned off. Wifi comes back on fine but not Bluetooth.

    Is the phone supposed to be doing this? Did Palm make some weird decision to have Bluetooth not come back on with the rest of the phone?

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    Haven't seen this. Are you able to turn Bluetooth on?
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    Yes, I can always turn it back on. It's just annoying that it keeps being turned off by the phone.
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    Yah, my bluetooth does the same thing now, worked perfect for 3 months, now I sometimes just loses the connection to the phone. hmm...not sure why
    It sounds like a phone software issue/hardware issue
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    Same thing for me, shuts off by itself, intermittantly and without warning.
    Lee Ladisky
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    Agree have the same issue here, although I'm not sure if it has something to do with rebooting after changing the developer mode status?
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    I don't think thats the case. I haven't come out of developer mode in over a month now. Haven't been sure if I need to be in developer mode or not to install via Filecoaster so I just left it on. It's possible it's related to developer mode though since at least two of us have been in it. Seems more likely though that it's a software bug. Would be nice if one of the intelligent ones (no offense to the previous posters) would come and comment. Or maybe if one of those Palm guys who read the forums stumbled upon our little thread. Ah well. The mysteries of life that never get solved.
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    Offense Taken! <--5 years of a BS in EE from hell. Anyways...I did some tests and it seems to not be an issue dealing with anything in DEV mode or not. I have left mine in DEV mode forever, and then I tried with it off, and then back on....and funny thing for the past day it hasn't dropped.

    So not sure why, I know it was a cloudy humid rainy day...maybe that has something to do with it. Today is not as bad so that is definately a possibility.

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