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    Just got this headset based on the good feedback I read on these boards but I'm having a problem with it staying connected to my Pre. It seems that after a period of idle time after turning on the headset it will disconnect or go into some sort of sleep mode, forcing me to reconnect by tapping the answer/end button on the headset. Meaning I don't need to re-pair it but I do need to reconnect the headset to the handset, which obviously is a pain. (And by the way, I checked the manual and there is no mention of any sort of sleep mode "feature" with this headset.) I saw another thread where people have had similar problems with other headsets but not with the BT8040, which is why I chose this one. Very frustrating. Anyone else having this problem with the BT8040, or does anyone have any advice as to how to possibly fix this? Is it possible that I just got a bad BT8040 that I should try to exchange if possible?
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    Exchange it. It works flawlessly for me.
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    After further use, the problem actually seems to be slightly different than I described in the original post. After I power the headset on, I then need to again press the answer/end button to connect the headset to my Pre. After I do this extra step, it does seem to stay connected as best I can tell. So not a huge deal but shouldn't the headset connect automatically to my Pre when it turns on without requiring me to then press the button again in order to connect?
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    Mine connects every time I turn it on and stays connected. The only issue I have had along these lines is when I press the button to answer a call sometimes I have to press it again to talk. I can hear the person they just can't hear me unless I press it again. Sort of like it goes into mute when I answer and then I take it off mute when I press it again. Doesn't happen every time so I'm still very happy with the BT8040.
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    Quick thread update: By simply following the instructions in the manual to reset the headset, most of my problems have been solved. It now works flawlessly for phone calls and nearly flawlessly for A2DP audio. The one bug I continue to have is that I cannot seem to turn on the headset and then connect automatically in A2DP mode (e.g. to listen to a podcast). The workaround I'm using is that I dial a phone number first, wait until I hear the ringer through my headset, then hang up and the podcast will then play properly through the headset. Strange. Anyone else having this same issue?

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