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    Hey guys!

    Any way to do this? Can I mount the Pre as a network share? Seems kinda crazy to use a USB cable when the device has 2 wireless protocols on board.


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    Nope, sorry.
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    Darn...I was afraid of that...seems like a desirable function, though maybe Palm doesn't want this to happen for some reason...thanks!

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    I'd use this too if it was available.
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    Sure you can....Use WINScp...Just search for it.. YOu have to set up SFTP on your pre...WINSCP also has a sync option.
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    If some homebrew guy could make a bluetooth/wifi connect program to emulate the usb connection, that would be genius. If there's one thing I hate it's getting the usb cable, pulling the weak usb door and connect the Pre to my pc, etc.

    Thank god for the over-the-air updates. Yeah, I'm lazy.
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    i'd love to see file txfer over wifi

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