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    I'm not sure if any of you have tried shopping for a generic car charger, but I thought that I had a problem with one that I bought at Fry's Electonics, I plugged the charger into my phone in the store, which had a dead battery at the time, and it seemed to be charging just fine.

    By the time I had enough juice to turn my phone on, I plugged the car charger into the outlet in my car and hooked it up to my phone, but to my surprise, the phone did not recognize that there was a charger plugged into it anymore, no charging was taking place.

    A few days later, I realized that if I hit the power button on the pre to turn the screen off while the charger is plugged in, then just hold the power button for a few seconds and release, or just hit the power button again to turn the screen back on, the Pre mysteriously starts to recognize that the charger is plugged in and immediatly starts charging. Hopefully this will help some of you with this same problem.
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    I also have noticed that the pre chooses to ignore the charger (wall, car, etc) at random. Thanks for the tip!
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    I have been have the same problem. However with an app running like pandora I can't get the phone to start charging. I have to shut down all the apps the plug it in. Anyone else have this problem?

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