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    Has anyone else ordered from Forever Fitters lately?

    I placed an order with them on 8/17, and still haven't received it. I've emailed their CS twice with no response and today I called their # and it's disconnected...

    Has anyone else dealt with them?
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    I ordered some of the protectors about 2.5 weeks ago; just got them two days ago so it took about 2 weeks to get them. I too had sent a check-in email; there was no response. I did get my stuff though. Not real crazy about the protectors; they are thicker than I would like but I can't seem to get one of the "wet" protectors on without all kinds of bubbles. Hope you get your stuff.
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    have you gotten your screen protector yet angrygoose?? and if so, how long did take?
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    Now I am scared, I just ordered both the anti-glare and mirror. I thought these were the highest recommended protectors...
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    I got them last week... I was away, but I believe they were delivered around the 18th (6 weeks after I ordered).

    They a good quality screen protector, but they do not fit correctly. Like another thread on this forum showed, the protectors are a little bit too big, so the edges don't stick to the curved sides of the pre... It's unfortunate because the material and finish they use are great(I ordered all 3; the mirrored is very thick, but the other 2 are very nice), but the fit just doesn't work well with the innocase.
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    the only way to go is PHANTOM SKINS they rock and r very very clear .!!!!!
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