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    I bought a Seidio 2600 battery for my Pre. The battery lasts a long time, and I love that about it.


    When I take a flash photo it is overexposed. I am waiting to hear from Seidio about this. The guy I bought it from said that the problem is with the door and not the battery, and that I should send the door back and he will replace it. I used the original battery with the Seidio door and the photo is fine. I think it's something about the battery.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    I think seidio is shipping a new battery cover that eliminates this issue. Contact them directly for a resolve.
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    It's a known problem. As mentioned, a new battery door has been developed that supposedly eliminates the problem. See post 437 in this thread for how to get the free replacement door--If you bought your battery from or another vendor, rather than direct from Seidio, I'm not sure if you are eligible for the free door or not.

    There's extensive discussion of washed-out flash photos with examples earlier in the thread, I don't have a post number to cite.
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    I got mine from and seidio said they will send me a new one.

    I gave them my amazon order #.
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    I will get the new back cover tomorrow. I will be sure to let you guys know if it fixed the problem or not!

    I just noticed something. I thought the tunneling effect of the back cover is the big problem that causes this over exposure, but it is not the only one that can have that effect. I removed the cover completely, and with the 2600 battery installed took some pictures, the result still was horrible over exposure. I then swapped in the stock battery and took pictures again also without a back cover on the phone with the same results. I then put the stock cover back on, and I still had over exposure. I took a closer look at the phone and noticed that the top part of the cover hadn't snapped in all the way. Sure enough, after snapping it on properly, the pics turned out fine. So definitely is the cover, because without it you get the same overexposure as what results from having the original Seidio 2600 cover on, only even more exaggerated. I am guessing this is due to the flash not being separated from the camera when no cover is installed. The old Seidio cover does separated the two, but the tunneling effect is what gives us the over exposure problem.
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