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    Just wanted to pass along a great deal I found on the Seidio Innocase (black). I'm assuming its original and not a knock-off. I've just ordered one of them this evening.

    ed: turns out I can't post links (first post)....but the item # is 320421629579.
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    If the pic is of the actual case shipped it's not an Innocase
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    yeah, hoping that's just a 'placeholder' pic.
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    I bought one and sent the seller a message saying if it isn't the exact same case as in the description (i also sent him a link of the seidio innocase) to give me a full refund of my money back.
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    Transaction Blocked
    Sorry, this item may no longer be available.
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    Just got a response from the seller:

    Hello. This is not that case... We have experienced a small computer glitch in our title, and the item has been ended... This is a carbon fiber case for Pre, please let us know if you would like a refund...

    Warm Regards,

    So much for my first attempt at trying to be helpful here! Apologies if you bought one.

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