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    I just picked up the Motorola HX1 Endeavor and wow it is the best bluetooth headset I've ever used.

    I'm on the phone about 5 hours a day so I tend to run through headsets, my last headset was the 2nd Gen Jawbone and it was ok but the battery life is abysmal on it. and before that I had a blue ant Z9i, the first one I had was great until I washed it and the second one sucked.

    So I've been waiting with baited breath for Moto to release the HX1 and I was simply amazed at the noise cancellation quality. In regular mode the mic uses the crystal talk processing and it works pretty well however background noise is there but the person on the other end (an audio engineer) said my voice was well above the background and sounded great for a bluetooth headset. I then switched it to stealth mode which turns off the external mic and activates the bone conduction element. The person other end told me my voice muffled about 20% but he couldn't hear any background noise, he could clearly understand me and that as time went on his hearing compensated and he forgot I was using the bone conduction. I had stopped driving and went into a grocery store and was carrying on a conversation without him even knowing it until I talked to the checker. This was never possible with the jawbone or the Z9i.

    From a build stand point I'm really impressed with the overall build quality. I like that it has a real on off switch and the LED is on the inside so it's not blinking like a borg headset. Motorola is using a microusb connector for charging so I was able to use my Pre's car charger to charge the headset. I'm hoping that it might allow for firmware upgrades like the Blue Ant Z9i in the future. It also has multipoint on it so you can connect it to multiple phones or phone and computer. One other great feature I was missing from my Z9i when I went to the Jawbone, Motorola has added a voice telling you what is going on when you access functions.

    Ear fit will be the biggest issue for anyone that uses this headset. To get the bone conduction to work the ear jack need to go a little deeper into the ear then your normal BT headset. The feeling is like putting a que-tip in you ear, I can see that this would be the only real stopper for some users. It doesn't bother me in the least. Motorola has some different pads in the box to help with the fitting to make it fit, I was lucky and the stock setup was fine for me. I did notice a little attenuation of outside noises with the HX1 on but nowhere near as bad as the Motorola S9.

    In my opinion the HX1 raises the bar on noise cancellation. It's about time Motorola used the Nextlink technology they bought a little over a year ago.

    I got mine at a Sprint store and from what I've read it's a Sprint exclusive for right now. It was marked at 129.95 and well worth the price. When the price does drop over time I will buy a second one as a back up.
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    Sounds great. The product I want has all the features as the HX1 Endeaver, except it comes in a form factor to provide two earbuds and stereo sound. Something like an around the neck pendant with ear canal buds connected to it, similar to the Motorola S605. This would permit discrete use and use with a helmet if desired.

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