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    I've got a barely used (maybe 3-4 charge cycles) Seidio 1350mAH battery and a Touchstone charging dock (like new, even still has the plastic on the sticky bottom) that I won't be needing. I'm returning my pre.

    The packaging was thrown out by my wife, so I can't return them to Amazon, so I figured someone here might want a good deal. Looking for $25 for the battery ($36 on Amazon) and $30 for the Touchstone dock ($40 on Amazon).

    Note, the Touchstone dock is just the dock... the back cover isn't included (this was a dock only package).

    Email me at justin [at] if you'd like either one. Both for $50.

    I'll cover shipping.
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    i would love to buy the battery
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    Payment Sent for both thanks!

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