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    I have been using the Motorokr T505 blue tooth car speaker for cell phones and it rocks. The sound quality of calls on both ends is excellent. You can play the sound through the device's own speaker or broadcast it to a FM frequency on your radio. Doing the latter is very easy. You push a button, it finds an empty frequency and a voice tells you what station to tune in.

    A major bonus: it will stream audio from your Pre. Music Player, Pandora, Shoutcast, Sprint Radio and TV (listen, don't watch when you are driving!!), any program. And the sound quality is amazing. Excellent crisp sound, clear notes, both highs and lows, and nice rich bass. As good as my CD player. Honest!

    Pre will not take voice commands from it yet but you can answer and end a call by pushing a button (dial from your pre to initiate a call). And when playing audio you can use buttons on the device to move forward and back through tracks. If you are playing music and you initiate a call or a call comes through it will interrupt the music for the call and resume the music when the call is ended.

    Powered by your cigarette lighter. Attaches unobtrusively on your visor.

    All that for about $60-70. Not bad.
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    Can it Voice dial contacts on the Pre?

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