View Poll Results: Will you buy Seidios 2600mAh battery despite their drop of touchstone compatibility?

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    Seidio officially announced that they are abandoning research of touchstone compatibility for their Innocell 2600mAh extended battery.

    I guess this means for those of you who are still willing to purchase that the yet released Extended Innocase should not be far behind..
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    I have heard other companies are working on a replacement doors for touchstone compatibility and extended batteries theier may still be hope...
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    I voted no, but not because of the touchstone. But because, I want the shiny back. Amzer will be the one I will get.
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    I voted yes. I had initially planned on getting it, but was waiting for the touchstone back. I finally couldn't wait any longer. I bought it before they announced they were not going to make one.

    So my vote isn't completely fair. But having owned it, I prefer to have the extra juice of the battery with no touchstone back than to have a touchstone back on the standard size battery.

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    You don't have an option for "already bought one!" My suspicion is that very few users really need the Touchstone if they go to a 2600.
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    Dang...this is disheartening! Since I have a Touchstone, I will not be abandoning that convenience. Guess my search for battery solution continues.
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    They probably can't get the owner of the touchstone case design to sell them the rights to make it.

    They can make a compatiable design innocase, but probably not the complete touchstone case.
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    @MikeBinOK: totally agree. If I bought one of these things I don't care if it gets that fat so why would I care if I have to plug it in?

    I would not buy a battery that fattened up my phone but I would get the extendeds that do not so my vote really doesn't matter.
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    Well I bought the battery when they said they were making a door for it. I have decided to go back to the OEM battery so I can use my Touchstone...going to stick the 2600 in the glove box for emergencies.....not to happy about that.
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    Seidios 2600 battery was the best purchase for my Pre.
    I can actually go somewhere with out a charger..............
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    I had found that with more days used the OEM got much stronger...still I'm looking into getting a 1350 from Seido or the 1400 from their competitors.
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    SeidioSeidio voted yes..
    Not certain it can get much tackier!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dk0r View Post
    SeidioSeidio voted yes..
    Not certain it can get much tackier!
    I wonder if he/she even has a Pre?

    Although I suppose it will work in the Centro & Treo 800w.
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    Well since Seidio has abandoned this project...I have picked up where they left off, I make Seidios 2600 Battery and Back Touchstone Compatible, check out the links in my signature!
    Need a case or battery touchstone compatible? I just released my OtterBox case that works with the Touchstone. Check out the links below.

    Some user feedback here:

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