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    I noticed bodyglove made a case...I had the boxwaves hard rubberized case but it scratched the crap out of my old pre so i want to find something better. The silicone one sucks too...stretches then doesnt want to stay on...Input on the body glove before I spend 30bucks on it would be greatly appreciated!
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    Got my body glove case from walmart. Have it for over the month and very happy with it. Fits perfectly and only cost $15
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    Got mine off ebay for $17, and I love it. Makes my Pre feel more solid and secure. Gets rid of that super slippery feel the Rocketfish gave me. Like the Rocketfish, but it felt like holding a stick of butter. Just wish the body glove had a holster, then it would be perfect.
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    Yep. Using the Body Glove case ( Love it. I don't own a touchstone so its perfect for me. Thanks.

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