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    The Plantronics Discovery 975 just went on sale a few days ago.

    It's a smaller, lighter, version of the Voyager pro.

    Of course, it'll have less battery life than the V. Pro. But all the same features.

    It's easily eyeglasses compatible and just as comfortable as the Discovery 925.

    Works VERY, VERY well with the Palm Pre. Beats the Jawbone series hands down. (I have one) and beats the Blueant Q1 and V1 in voice quality as well.
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    I picked up one of these too and it is amazing!!!!! Well worth the upgrade from the 925!

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    Does it have A2DP or does sprint nav play through it?
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    It's a headset with the headset profile like most other headsets.

    Usually to pipe system sounds, you need either a hacked bt profile or a stereo headset like the Jabra bt3030/Motorola S9.

    I'd have to say 90% of the other "PHONE" headsets on the market will not support those A2DP.
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    I got my jabra bt8040 and it is pefect except for the fit. It sounds great on my end, no one complains on the other side but none of the gels stay in my ear wirhout a painful earhook. My wife's discovery 925 has an amazing fit but won't play sprint nav. Thanks for the response
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    get a custom ear piece for your ear. I got mine from

    Once you do that, you'll NEVER go back to using some generic BS hook and earpiece. LOL (And no, I don't work for them, just love my earpiece THAT much!)

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