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    I currently have an invisible shield on my pre and was looking into getting a hardcase

    which hardcases fit without having to modify the shield? Don't want to use that bulky one sprint sells.

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    I too would like to know.

    I have a phantom skinz on my pre and the front of my Seidio Innocase will not snap into place.

    Is there anyway to trim the shield off to get the front case on?
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    i read in another topic someone did trim there shield to get the innocase to fit on but i don't want to do that...
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    I trimmed my Phantom Skinz screen protector and my Innocase fits just fine.
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    you will have to trim at least the little tabs on ur invisi. shield in order for it to work thats how i had to do it with the best case out so far innocase very very slim case
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    how did you know where to trim? you just followed where the tabs would be? and how many tabs are there?

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