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    I have the Voyager Pro and I'm considering getting the 975. Just continuing my quest to find the "best" bluetooth headset available.

    Which model do you believe is best and why?
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    I've played with both. I think the 975 is better. Thats the one I kept.

    Here's why.....

    I wear glasses. the added bulk of the pro got in the way.

    Added bulk. 975 is MUCH lighter and more comfortable to wear.
    Same GUTS as the pro.

    Cons: Less battery life.
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    Thanks for your response, Compusmurf. Have you or others noticed any differences in outgoing or incoming audio quality and volume?
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    Nope. Got better ratings (in my testing) than the Jawbone Prime and the Blueant Q1 and V1.

    I love mine and its the one I use nearly every day.

    PS anyone wanna buy a Jawbone Prime?
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    Use my voyager Pro everyday. I hardly ever talk on the pre without it, and it is crystal clear. I had my friend with glasses try it out with no problems either. I picked it cause I like having the security of the around the ear so it wont fall out. I never can get the others to stay in my ear well. The Pro, yet big, is really comfortable, lightweight, and just the way the boom is made makes it conform to your face for clearity on calls.

    In short, both are probably about the same. I think you will actually get better battery life with the Pro due to its bulkiness, but it mainly boils down to preference and style you like to wear.

    That said I would ONLY go with Plantronics as they offer the best bluetooth quality products, so pick one of those two dependant upon your style.
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    Once I got the adjustment right on the 975 it has been working pretty well.

    I have never used a bluetooth headset before...getting used to when it is on or off has been annoying. I do not explicitly ever turn it off but some times it seems like unless I mess with the control button it doesn't always connect. I probably need to get used to its operation.
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    We just bought my husband the Voyager Pro this weekend. He was always complaining about how the ear hook hurt his ear with the thin ear hooks of other headsets. He says this is the most comfortable one he has tried yet. The call clarity is great and he says he can actually hear the other person without any echoing which has been a problem with most of mine. So far he has not given the headset back to me which is where they go when he is not happy with it.
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    How do you think the Voyager Pro compares to the new Aliph Jawbone Icon?
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    Plantronics 975 rocks!!!
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    Does the 975 come with a ear hook? If not, how stable is it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjamie View Post
    Does the 975 come with a ear hook? If not, how stable is it?
    No ear clip, it has a patient design that kinda braces itself in ur ear.. Super stable. I'm on my 2nd one its so comfortable that i got in the shower with the 1st one.. I've had many ear pieces and Plantronics have worked the best by far. They can be a lil pricey depending on where you purchase but you can talk almost anywhere even outdoors.

    And it comes with this handy recharging case that shows battery levels for case and headset.

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    Have you used the Voyager Pro too? If so, how do you compare them?

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